Staffing Agency in Sheridan Adame Services


Adame Services provides contingent workforce delivery (CWD) for enterprise clients using Master Service Providers for their staffing needs. 

With a laser-focus on balancing quality and accuracy against speed, we help companies meet critical demands by helping them build effective contingent teams. Often, enterprises must sacrifice quality for speed, but at Adame, we don’t believe in such a tradeoff. We only offer experienced, well-matched professionals for consideration. That’s why 70% or more of our candidates consistently receive interview requests, and it’s what makes us stand out as a leader among contingent workforce solutions providers.

Active in 46 states, Adame Services is known in the industry for exceeding expectations and redefining what it means to leverage contingent employees.



Information Technology

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)


Professional Services/Legal


When you need to assemble a contingent team quickly, without sacrificing accuracy, Adame delivers. We partner with our clients to learn everything about their immediate and future needs, and we mobilize quickly whenever a need arises.

Contingent solutions and managed services have become transactional in staffing. At Adame, we humanize the process while checking every box in a Service Level Agreement. We deliver high-level service that is customized to the client every time.

The contingent delivery team at Adame Services is 100% onshore with a single recruiting hub based in Sheridan, WY. Our recruiters are required to meet with every candidate prior to a client interview, and we leverage strict quality control throughout the process.

Our recruiters don’t have to race to a job board when they receive an order. We have built a database of skilled professionals spanning two decades, and many of our candidates have been active with us for 20 to 10 years. Our clients never have to sacrifice quality when hiring contingent teams.


Your strategic projects matter, and when you choose Adame Services, you choose a team that makes your priorities, our priorities. Partner with us to access exceptional, well-aligned contingent talent today.