Staffing Agency in Sheridan Adame Services


I was offered the job that I interviewed for, and I accepted it! I just wanted to say thank you to my recruiter, Joel for everything he did to help me get to this point! The company he placed me at wasn’t even a thought for me when I was first looking for a job after graduation. I only considered it after Joel reached out to me. Now I’ve been offered a permanent job at this great company. The universe definitely works in mysterious ways. Thank you again for everything!

Correspondence Associate

I have been working with Adame for over 2 years. My recruiter was fabulous. He really took the time to learn about my professional experience and how my skills and experience would align with employers. The support staff at Adame are knowledgeable and responsive. Anytime I have a question or inquiry the office manager responds in a timely manner. I really appreciate the reliability of the Adame Team.

Lease Analyst

I’ve had a great experience with Adame Services and the company where I was placed. The application process was smooth, interview process clear, and working for a Global Leader in Electrical and Industrial Power Management Solutions is amazing. Adame found me an opportunity with a company with a wide and diverse workforce and great benefits.

Technical Support Engineer

Adame Services found a position for me that challenged my current skill set and allowed me to expand upon that knowledge. I am honored and privileged to continue to represent Adame Services.

SQL Support Analyst

Adame Services provided me with everything that I needed to successfully interview and secure a wonderful new career opportunity. My recruiter was extremely professional and helpful, providing me with as much information as possible prior to interviewing with the client. My recruiter answered all of my questions and addressed any concerns that I had. They are a trusted business partner to anyone in a job search.

Project Controller

Adame is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talent shine within a positive working environment. I have been impressed how everyone here works with a goal-oriented approach. Adame gives me the job satisfaction I have always longed for. Respect, care, and excellence are qualities that exude from the top and flow throughout the rest of the company.

Oracle Developer

The experience at Adame Services has been a great learning tool. The company I work for treats me like their own which is the best thing a person working for a temp agency would want. The thing I most appreciate about working for Adame Services is that they answered my questions and helped put me in a position to succeed. My recruiter made the connection between candidate and company and it showed that my skills meshed with what the company wanted.

Collections Specialist
I have worked with Adame for more than 5 years on multiple MSP accounts. Adame is a great ‘go to’ supplier and is willing to help filling client needs. I really appreciate their availability and responsiveness with updates as well as fast turnaround with onboarding.
Program Professional
Adame  has always been great at finding excellent candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Some of our toughest roles have been in the IT space and Adame does not shy away from learning about our individual needs and what is most important to ensure that candidates are successful with our company. Adame provides an extremely valuable service for us because they truly want to see both their clients and their candidates succeed. Even when we do not have open positions to fill, Adame remains a collaborative resource and their customer service is unmatched.
Human Resource Coordinator
Adame has been a trusted partner on numerous occasions to fill positions on short notice. We always appreciate Adame constant communication and ability to identify candidates that are truly a good fit for our organization.
Account Manager
Adame has always been able to find qualified employees with such efficiency they have become an extremely important resource for my department. Our organization’s operations span the entire state of WY and Adame provides a one-stop solution for all of our regional HR needs. I value that at a moments’ notice, Adame is there to provide viable candidates, sometimes within hours of engagement. The speed, efficiency and trust combine to make Adame Services my go-to solution.
Technology Director
The Adame team is very professional and is always willing to help in any way they can. I can always count on Adame to help with my most hard to fill positions and locations. I value the open communication we have, and I know if I have one of their candidates onboarding, I will always be kept up to date on the candidate’s status which is a huge plus when working with multiple agencies.
MSP Program Consultant
I’ve been working with Adame for over 5 years. Adame has had success finding niche/unique candidates that can be difficult to find. The team at Adame understands our business and the type of candidates we are looking for. I feel they communicate well with the candidates on the front end, which makes my job easier.
HR Manager
In the Information Technology job market, talented candidates are sometimes difficult or cumbersome to source and onboard. Adame Services has been extremely effective at finding, recruiting and helping onboard qualified IT talent for over 5 years. They have taken time and care over the years to learn about our company needs, culture, and future goals, continuing to demonstrate their understanding of our business and the importance of our time. The communication is always consistent, timely, professional and fun which always results in achieving great success for all parties involved.
Information Technology Director
Adame Services has been a responsive partner in multiple key segments for our contingent program. The account management team is exceptional and committed to understanding our business and delivering resources that meet and exceed expectations. We look forward to continue working together to identify hard-to-find and niche talent in an ever-changing market.
Program Lead, North America Contingent Labor